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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shawn Mafia

It's nothin' to do with comics, but I thought I'd take a little space to plug my friend Shawn and his most recent record, Dustbowl Anarchy. I've known Shawn for many, many moons, and for most of them Shawn has been gigging all around the California Southland with his band of desperadoes, (when not attending to his undertaker duties down at the mortuary, or laying down in the bushes with a bottle of bourbon.)

In the narrow borderland between the seething, unsleeping metropolis which is Los Angeles and the long, dark quiet of the Mojave, the Mafia tells his stories with aid of a speaking guitar, for he IS, first and foremost, a storyteller. And his stories are about real people and real life experiences.

If you're into the whole Chuck Bukowski/Jack Kerouac/Tom Waits milieu, that universe of beautiful losers, bad lovers and threadbare souls, all dancing to the music of the mighty dope opera, you really must experience the mafia. Shawn's latest effort, Dustbowl Anarchy, boasts some of his smoothest numbers yet. Walking to the Door with Jesus comes off so so sweet and so natural, that when I first heard it, I assumed it was a redux of some old gospel favorite. I assumed wrong. Shawn wrote it.

If ya can't make it out to the Joshua Tree to see Shawn live, drop by his digs at www.shawnmafia.com and pick up a copy of his cd, or look him up on youtube...he is happy to bring his stories into your home, and you will be happy to have him there.

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