My name is Stephen Nelson. I have some stories to tell, and some great and talented friends to help me tell them. If you like a strange story, if you enjoy a twisted tale, sit down, stay a while, and listen! Someday soon, we hope to transform our stories into comics which you may purchase, so as to bear happily home to you demented domiciles.

You might not want to let Mom see them, though.

Projects my friends and I are currently conspiring on include my macabre fantasy adventure/comedy Rat's Tooth, Rita Gorgoni's awesome Dark Fantasy tale, Iron Head, and The Children of Pollut Un Roone, a dark fantasy tale written by myself, illustrated by Stefano Cardoselli, and set in the incredible fantasy world of Brom Kah, created by Garrett Adderly!

So please come in, look around, and we hope you enjoy our Stories! Unpleasant Dreams!

Thanks go out to lots of folks, including Alex Johns, who designed the logo you see above for me!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


In the hellishly repressive 'utopia' of America's not-too-distant future, mindless televised violence is the last surviving art form. A dying society's final means of catharsis finds its ultimate expression in THE TOWER OF JUSTICE, seventeen stories of carnage and cameras, where hundreds of condemned criminals fight to the death daily in glorious prime time. Enter GARROTTE, a living mountain of muscle and angst, a man determined to take the 'long walk' to the top of the tower, where, it's just possible, the ultimate prize of freedom awaits....for whatever it's worth.
Without a doubt the most over-the-top violent comic I've ever worked on, possibly the most over-the top violent comic I've ever read, WALK is a one-shot written by me, conceived, colored and drawn by my friend Stefano Cardoselli, and lettered by Bram Meehan. The art is staggeringly great, but I'm not sure how much I can share right now. The book will hopefully be published by Thirsty Shadow Productions some time this year.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Garrett Adderly!

Opened my mailbox recently and found this fantastic pinup of Ravvin the Ratboy, one of the signature characters of our silly saga, Rat's Tooth, brilliantly executed by my friend Garrett Adderly!


Thanks, Garrett!!!!!!!

See lots more of Garrett's fantastic art at bromkah.blogspot.com

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Children of Pollot Un Roone Concept Art Project: Stefano Cardoselli and Laura Ruggeri!

The Children of Pollut Un Roone was an idea I was kicking around for my own amusement, not taking particularly seriously, but I've received enough positive feedback on the raw plot and concept artwork, that I have decided that I must take a more careful look at trying to build a book around it... Inspector Vesperro is a native of Garrett Adderly's Brom Kah universe. I loved the rough ideas he had for the character and the gorgeous artwork he had built up around the concept of Vesperro, and wanted to try a Vesperro short story. The idea I originally had was for a very brief tale, involving Vesperro's discovery of a body hidden under the floorboards of an old house...(this scene still appears in the Children narrative), but the story took on something of a life of it's own, and now is quite long and complex...anyway...Stefano helped me come up with some rough ideas for what I wanted, and I'm very pleased with the results. We also have the good fortune to have Laura Ruggeri on hand to lay down the colors on these pages...I think Stefano and Laura both really get what I was thinking about trying to do with this story...Stefano's work deftly balances a tounge-in-cheek sense of humour with my story's sorrowful undertones in a way that prevents an essentially grim script from tipping over into hyper-tragic, melodramatic Goth-o-rama. Laura's quirky blending of dark shadows and bright, cheery colors nicely complements Stef's interpretation of my script...the seed has sprouted and is taking root....What the sprout will become yet remains to be seen...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Iron Head Sneak Peeks

Haven't posted about Iron Head for a while, but don't think the book has gone away! Progress continues, as you can see, here! Ramon I. Bunge continues to add beautiful and emotive colors to Rita's visceral and moving story and Stefano's evocative pen and inks...We hope to have Iron Head completed before the close of the year. Please enjoy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Comic Related!!

My readers, (all seven of you,) may be interested in a site created and maintained by Brant Fowler and his pals called http://www.comicrelated.com/. Brant is going to be contributing his talents to Hunt: Brom Kah, Rat's Tooth, and The children of Pollut Un Roone, and anything else I can coax/trap him into conspiring on.
Comic Related is a fun site devoted to various aspects of the nerd culture we all know and love, and became, rather rapidly, a default site for me for Comics news and such. The site boasts reviews, news, teasers, spoilers, gripes, bitching and adoration as regards various facets of comicdom, as well as a very helpful creator's corner. Plus you get weird stuff like photos of Chewbacca molesting Leia, and you really can't ask a hell of a lot more than that. So, there it is. You should go to http://www.comicrelated.com/ asap, check it out and enjoy.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hunt! Brom Kah! Update

Last month, I posted about my plans to put together a short piece for Garrett Adderly's Brom Kah short story contest. We got a late start, and Garrett was even awesome enough to extend the deadline for 30 days just for us and guess what? I STILL missed the deadline. We're going to finish the story anyhow, of course...Hunt! Brom Kah! is a nine page short story, and will actually be the first comic story I will ever have started and finished! Whole thing should be lettered and ready for Garrett by the end of the month. I hope you enjoy some of the sample artwork here...Pen and inks by Stefano Cardoselli, of course, colors by Ramon Ignacio Bunge!

Slowly but Surely....

...Rat's Tooth Issue 1 takes shape! Now that Stefano is finished with the pen and inks for IRON HEAD, Rat's Tooth is gaining momentum! Here are some samples of the new chapter 1 pages Stefano just finished. Thanks, Stefano!