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Projects my friends and I are currently conspiring on include my macabre fantasy adventure/comedy Rat's Tooth, Rita Gorgoni's awesome Dark Fantasy tale, Iron Head, and The Children of Pollut Un Roone, a dark fantasy tale written by myself, illustrated by Stefano Cardoselli, and set in the incredible fantasy world of Brom Kah, created by Garrett Adderly!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brom Kah: The Children of Pallut N'Roone

Hey, Folks!

A good while ago I stumbled across Garrett Adderly's Brom Kah project. Like I have told Garrett, recently, there are some things you see and like, but which you forget about, and some things that sort of cling to you, and the imagery of the world Garrett created for his Brom Kah universe...clings in a peculiarly sticky and delightful way.

So...for God's sake... check out Garrett's site at http://www.bromkah.blogspot.com/

Know, also, intrepid nerd, that yours truly has recently attempted to engage Mr. Adderly with two of my own stories based on his mythos, a short piece called Hunt! Brom-Kah! and another, much longer proposal based on his Inspector Vespero character, which we are calling :
The Children of Pollat N'Roone... My great friend and co-conspirator Stefano Cardoselli recently completed an awesome splash piece for this latter story proposal, based on my concepts, the details of which I am still hammering out.
We are still in the springtime of our contributions to Brom Kah, so I want to say right now that both Hunt! Brom-Kah! and The Children of Pallut N'Roone are concept projects, and for some time, all script and art which Stefano and I complete for these projects will be subject to final approval by Garrett, but we will keep you updated...
Here is the Splash page Stefano completed for The Children of Pallut N'Roone...
In this story, Vesperro and an apprentice inspector, Sapanno,attempt to uncover the facts behind the dissappearances of a number of children in their city. That truth is not pretty...but they do the best they can to set things to rights...
We will keep you posted as to how things are coming along!
Stay tuned!

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